Everyone understands that real estate is a personal business. It doesn’t matter if you are buying, selling or investing; the relationship you have with your real estate agent needs to be open, honest and personal in order to find the best situation for your needs. But you already know this and every company/agent promises that you will be VERY important to them. While I’m sure they mean well, the truth is they are limited by the nature of the franchise agency. A Boutique Real Estate Firm has a truly unique approach to serving their clients.

What is a Boutique Real Estate Firm?

A Boutique Real Estate Firm is a smaller office staffed with highly efficient, attentive professionals. These firms operate through the passion and vision of the owners. The attention to detail is obvious from the moment you walk in the door. The energy of a Boutique Real Estate Firm is noticeable from the first meeting; welcoming atmosphere and personal service its hallmarks. Unlike the franchise agency, each person is more than just a number….they have to be! Every client is an opportunity to build its reputation, or destroy it. 

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How does a Boutique Real Estate Firm give me superior service?

Let’s think about that.

What if you needed a special outfit for an important event? While the large department stores such as Myer or David Jones offer some options, what if you wanted something unique…special? Small boutiques and custom tailors have been catering to these customers for hundreds of years. These establishments offer consultants who listen to the client and then create a custom garment that perfectly suits their taste, budget and style.

A Boutique Real Estate Firm does the same thing. The agents who join these companies understand that each client is unique and has special needs and wants and they have the freedom to customize an approach to ensure that these clients are completely satisfied. 

But what about the marketing power of the Franchise agency?

Technology has changed the way real estate is marketed. Gone are the days when a potential buyer needs to walk into a franchise agency to have access to property listings. Now every property is online and the Boutique Real Estate Firm has the same ability as the franchise ageny to tap into this power. In fact, I would argue that the flexibility of the Boutique Real Estate Firm is even greater.

With personalized attention to detail, each property is given the attention it deserves. Higher quality professional photography, aerial video and beautiful written property descriptions draw potential buyers into the online listing, encourages them to linger, explore and arrange a personal tour. When that phone call comes, the agent who speaks with the potential buyers is the listing agent who can speak intelligently about the home, not simply the next agent in rotation at the franchise agency. 

So what’s the drawback of the Boutique Real Estate Firm?

No seriously….I’m asking?

A Boutique Real Estate Firm offers what the Franchise agency cannot: highly customized, personal, results-oriented representation.

At Liz McLean Property we can offer a cost effective customized marketing program to suit you and your needs