Spring is well know as the start of a busy period for real estate sales – but you may be interested to know that Autumn is also a great time to consider selling.

It is no secret that most sellers are out and about in the warmer months.  Even in Queensland with our mild winters, in general, most people tend to hibernate in a sense, and it is a fact that attendance numbers at open homes during the winter periods are definitely lower.  

With this in mind, you have to think that many other home sellers have the same idea and therefore the market can be flooded with new properties going on the market in the Spring period however by Autumn things have settled down.

Something also to consider if you are a home owner in this area is the extreme heat we can experience in the Summer months, a lot of buyers would rather spend time at the beach instead of open homes – the humidity we experienced this year during Summer was a killer.   The weather in autumn can be ideal for selling in our local area; Autumn is such a pleasant temperature to present your home in; especially if you don’t have air conditioning.  The days cool down, the humidity drops but the sun is still shining, which I think is the perfect combination to show off your property to potential buyers.  In years gone past when I have sold properties in March I have quite often scored the perfect weekend for inspections – not too hot, nor cold.   

Also, there are quite a few people who visit our beautiful region over the Christmas period; these visitors may decide to make the area their permanent home.  I often see interstate buyers using the Christmas period to research the market and become confident about their buying decisions.  These buyers then become prepared as far a relocating, organising finance etc and are ready to go in Autumn. We also see a lot of visitors during the Easter period who want to look at Sunshine Coast properties along with a lot of local buyers out and about as most people have the Easter weekend off work.

If you’re wanting to sell your current property and get into a new home by winter, chances are there are other people out there thinking the exact same thing! Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to get your home sold before the winter months, and we find that the buyers out and about in autumn are more genuine too, because there isn’t much time to waste.

I am here to help with all your property needs or enquiries so please contact me anytime to learn more about my autumn selling strategies.