Property Styling


Liz McLean Property Styling was created by myself, Liz McLean as part of my agency. I am a successful real estate agent with over 25 years experience in selling residential real estate in Queensland and NSW.

On numerous occasions, while working for clients as a professional real estate agent, I am asked by Vendors, “What can we do to make our property more appealing so we can achieve a higher price in less time?”

Understanding target markets and what motivates buyers I have for years I have been making home staging commendations to my vendors on how to increase the appeal of the property. However, there were often limitations working with existing furniture and decor. I soon realised that many properties needed a truly professional home styling makeover in order to achieve the right visual effect.

Its humbled beginnings but when I was invited to “do what I felt necessary” to style a property ready for marketing the resulting interest and the ultimate sale price achieved was amazing! This is when I really knew I had to expand my business to include Liz McLean Property Styling and help my clients by offering this a comprehensive and unique service

If you’re looking for some property styling advice, then look no further. Call me on 0425 366 823